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Saturday, June 11, 2011

32 Weeks Pregnant!

Hey guys!
This has really been an interesting couple of months!  I have no reason not to have blogged except for the fact that we have been getting ready for our precious angel!  We have spent many hours in his room getting it just the way we want it!  I am slightly OCD so you know what that means! It must be perfect!   Its crazy to believe that we are only 8 weeks out from my due date! We know that Dr. Cole is going to take him at 37 weeks so we are really only 5 weeks from meeting our precious angel
     As I look back over this whole experience, it is pretty unbelievable to believe what a miracle baby Preston Hampton Gough IV is truly going to be.  After having the miscarriage, it was really unsure if we would be able to even carry a baby much less get him to where we are today!  Dr. Cole tells me each time we go for a check up that she didn't think we would ever get this far.  This road has not been easy and has been an emotional roller coaster.  We have worried about him every step of the way and constantly worry that something is going to happen to him.  We meet a huge milestone this week by carrying him to 32 weeks.  This is where the Drs say that the risk of premature complications decrease A TON! We are so thankful that God has gotten us this far!  
     I went to the Dr on 6/9/2011 for my 32 weeks check up.  While I was there, I explained to Dr Cole that I have been having alot of tightening in my stomach and have had some lower back pain. This is not exactly what she wanted to hear.  She immediately told me that I would be put on bed rest till the following Tuesday and that she would bring me back in for a ultrasound and to determine if I would be able to return back to work!   I was not shocked by this new.  To be honest with you, I really thought that she would have put me on bed rest much earlier than she did.  She is trying to get us a little farther along before we meet our baby boy so hopefully he will be a good weight and will not have to spend much time in the NICU  unit. 
     Please continue to pray for us as we get closer and closer to our due date.  We are ready to meet our baby boy but know that its best for him to stay in just a little bit longer.  I promise I will keep you guys updated from now on! I should have plenty of time on my hands! :) I am currently downloading pictures from all of my showers so will be blogging on those this afternoon! 
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